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  1. Сегодня. Клиентка только что получила продление ее супружеской визы по ускоренной процедуре рассмотрения заявления за 24 часа. Делюсь статистикой ежедневных одобрений заявлений клиентов.
  2. 23 June 2022 – Just useful and interesting UK & EEA Immigration Law news and updates from the Legal Centre – Open 7 days a week - www.legalcentre.org - +44(0)3300010342, +44(0)7791145923 (WhatsApp/Viber) >>> Humanitarian protection is being downgraded by the Home Office from 28 June 2022: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/statement-of-changes-to-the-immigration-rules-hc17-11-may-2022 Currently, people who are recognised as being in need of humanitarian protection are granted five years’ permission to stay, as set out in paragraph 339Q(ii) of the Rules. After that, they can apply to stay permanently. The new rules will reduce humanitarian protection permission to the same length of time as “Group 2” refugees: those deemed by the government to be less deserving of protection for reasons including their inability to access a regular route to the UK. The new humanitarian protection rules in more detail New paragraph 327F provides that, where an asylum claim has been deemed inadmissible under sections 80A or 80B of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, then any associated claim for humanitarian protection (based on the same facts) will also be inadmissible. This extends the inadmissibility process to humanitarian protection claims. There is no right of appeal against that decision. It is not possible to make a standalone claim for humanitarian protection to try to avoid this provision. Paragraph 327EC states that anyone who makes such a claim will be deemed to have made an asylum claim, and the person will be assessed for refugee status in the first instance (as is already the case) before humanitarian protection is considered. The list of reasons for which a person can be excluded from a grant of humanitarian protection has also been extended to include, at paragraph 339D(iv), “having been convicted by a final judgement of a particularly serious crime (as defined in Section 72 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002), constitutes a danger to the community of the UK”. New paragraph 339QB states that where a person is granted humanitarian protection, they will be granted a new form of leave called “temporary humanitarian permission to stay”. This permission will last for a minimum of 2.5 years (in practice the vast majority of grants will be made for this length of time). Appendix Settlement Protection is also amended, in order to explicitly exclude those granted temporary humanitarian protection leave from applying for indefinite leave to remain under its provisions. They will however still qualify for indefinite leave after 10 years of lawful residence in the UK as set out in paragraph 276B of the Immigration Rules, if they can meet the additional requirements relating to English language and the Life in the UK test, and afford the fees.
  3. Отличные новости, я был рад помочь Вам :-)
  4. Еще один ребенок клиента Legal Centre был зарегистрирован британским гражданином. Заявление одобрили за 3 месяца. Делюсь статистикой.
  5. 22 June 2022 – Just useful and interesting UK & EEA Immigration Law news and updates from the Legal Centre – Open 7 days a week - www.legalcentre.org - +44(0)3300010342, +44(0)7791145923 (WhatsApp/Viber) >>> New guidance on the Relationship with a Partner: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/relationship-with-a-partner-caseworker-guidance IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR THE UNMARRIED PARTNERS - POTENTIAL SIMPLIFICATION OF THE REQUIREMENT One significant change is that unmarried partners do not necessarily need to have lived together for two years for their relationship to be considered “durable”. As the guidance says, the couple “must demonstrate they have been in a relationship similar to marriage or civil partnership for at least 2 years”. This will “usually” mean cohabitation, but not necessarily.
  6. Заявления клиентов (семья из 2-х человек) на рабочую визу (Skilled Worker) из США. Одобрили за 3 недели. Делюсь статистикой.
  7. C 28 июня 2022 года меняются Правила в отношении убежища в Великобритании Обратите внимание, что с 28 июня 2022 года меняются Правила в отношении убежища в Великобритании. Заявления на убежище с 28 июня 2022 года будут рассматриваться по значительно более строгим Правилам: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1074269/Explanatory_memorandum_to_the_changes_in_immigration_rules_HC17__print-ready_PDF_.pdf
  8. Еще одна клиентка получила продление по категории Ukrainian Extension Scheme (UES), переключившись с просроченной Tier 5 визы. Заявление одобрили за 5 дней. Делюсь статистикой.
  9. The Home Office has paused considering the Ukrainian children' applications. According to ILPA, the Home Office currently have around 500 applications from Ukrainian children who applied to come to the UK WITHOUT their parents under the Ukrainian Schemes. It is not clear when and if the consideration of the applications from the Ukrainian children under the Ukrainian Schemes will be resumed.
  10. 20 June 2022 – Just useful and interesting UK & EEA Immigration Law news and updates from the Legal Centre – Open 7 days a week - www.legalcentre.org - +44(0)3300010342, +44(0)7791145923 (WhatsApp/Viber) >>> Visa processing times From the Home Office: "UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is currently prioritising applications made under the Ukraine Visa Scheme in response to the humanitarian crisis arising from the invasion of Ukraine. The customer service standard on visa processing times for out of country applications is generally 3 weeks. Currently these processing times are taking longer. Visit visas – average of 6 weeks Student visas – average of 5 weeks Work visas – average of 6 weeks These revised processing times are a global average, and we recognise that timescales may vary from region to region. Information has been updated on the Visa decision waiting times GOV.UK page and information will be provided to customers on their customer visa journey. ‘Priority’ (PV) and ‘Super Priority’ (SPV) visa services continue to be temporarily suspended for new study, work and family visa applications but are still available for visitor visa applications in some locations and purchased via the commercial partner website." >>> Ukrainian support From the Home Office: The Home Office continues to support Ukrainian nationals and their family members. We are working at pace to process visa applications as quickly as possible. Additional to Ukraine Visa routes available: Immigration ID check app for the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme launched on 18 May. This will allow holders of valid Ukrainian international passports to use the Immigration ID check app to verify their identity for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme applications. This offers a fully digital service, with successful applications receiving a digital status for 36 months. Using the Immigration ID check app also means that these individuals would not need to give their biometrics in the UK using the Complete my Status process. >>> Apply to come to the UK - a handy GOV.UK link which gives a quick 4 step process on how to apply for a visa: https://www.gov.uk/apply-to-come-to-the-uk
  11. Еще один клиент Legal Centre с Украины перешел с действующей визы Tier 5 на визу Ukrainian Extension Scheme (UES). Заявление одобрили за 3 дня. Делюсь статистикой.
  12. Еще несколько украинских клиентов получили визы по категориям Ukrainian Family Scheme (UFS), Homes for Ukraine (H4U) and Ukrainian Extension Scheme (UES) visas. Заявления рассмотрели за 5 дней - 2 недели. Делюсь статистикой.
  13. Еще одна клиентка получила визу Ukrainian Extension Scheme (UES). До этого у клиентки была виза Tier 5. Заявление одобрили всего за 2 дня. Делюсь статистикой.
  14. Еще один клиент с Украины с просроченной Tier 5 визой получил разрешение находиться в Великобритании по категории Ukrainian Extension Scheme (UES). The application was approved in 5 days. Делюсь статистикой.
  15. 14 June 2022 – Just useful and interesting UK & EEA Immigration Law news and updates from the Legal Centre – Open 7 days a week - www.legalcentre.org - +44(0)3300010342, +44(0)7791145923 (WhatsApp/Viber) >>> New Home Office EUSS Zambrano Guidance From yesterday, for a period of six weeks until 25 July 2022, people will be able to apply or re-apply to the EUSS as a ‘person with a Zambrano right to reside’ and be deemed to have reasonable grounds for having missed the deadline to apply, which was 30 June 2021. Where a person applies after 25 July 2022, they will need to show there are reasonable grounds why they missed the 30 June 2021 deadline. You can find non-exhaustive examples of such grounds at www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families/eligibility. >>> Foreign convictions in deportation appeals: https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2022/779.html When the Home Office is deporting someone for being convicted of a criminal offence, does it matter what country that conviction is from? In practice, probably not. This seems to be the effect of the Court of Appeal’s decision in Gosturani v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2022] EWCA Civ 779. This is because the public interest in deportation remains the same, regardless of whether the conviction is from the UK or abroad.
  16. Паспорт отсылают обычно ТОЛЬКО для получения британского паспорта. Во время подачи заявления на гражданство паспорт остаётся у Вас.
  17. Иногда достаточно одной консультации, чтобы выиграть апелляцию и получить денежную компенсацию:
  18. Очередной пример "тихой амнистии". Гражданка Украины, виза просрочена с 2020 года. Помог подготовить заявление вне правил и недавно была получена BRP на 3 года по схеме Ukrainian Extensin Scheme (UES):
  19. Приветствую. Нет, обычно не можете на основании текущих Правил. Если брак заключен после 01-01-2021, "поезд ушел", за редкими исключениями.
  20. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ukraine-family-scheme-application-data/ukraine-family-scheme-and-ukraine-sponsorship-scheme-homes-for-ukraine-visa-data--2#:~:text=for Ukraine Scheme.-,Total Ukraine Scheme visa applications received%3A 154%2C500,Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme%3A 107%2C200 Total Ukraine Scheme visa applications received: 154,500 Data is as of 7 June 2022 and comprised of: Ukraine Family Scheme: 47,300 Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme: 107,200
  21. Еще один клиент Legal Centre из Латвии стал британским гражданином. Заявление клиента на натурализацию одобрили за 1.5 месяца. Делюсь статистикой ежедневных одобрений заявлений клиентов.
  22. Еще одна клиента (ребенок) Legal Centre получила визу для приезда на ПМЖ для проживания со своей мамой (категория Appendix FM Child). Заявление одобрили за 4 месяца. Делюсь статистикой.
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