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  1. Обычно в таких случаях подают на EEA Family Permit, а не на визу жены гражданина UK. Опять же, при выполнении всех Правил по EU law (Surinder Singh route). Много непонятного в Вашем случае ? Почему не оспорили отказ (= согласились).
  2. Пожалуйста. Был рад помочь Вам.
  3. Приветствую. 1. На границе спрашивают общие вопросы. Имеют право 2. Нет, не зависимы (если получили ILR) 3. Нет (ILR)
  4. 1. Да. 2. Ссылку на первоисточник дайте.
  5. Вчера появились уточения в отношении грядуших изменений в иммиграционных Правилах Великобритании. Further insignt into the new UK Immigration Rules and Programmes: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-points-based-immigration-system-further-details-statement >>> EU citizens will need the Written Confirmation of immigration Status (those who arrive post 01-01-2020 and who did not register for EUSS previsly): "EU and non-EU citizens wishing to come to and live in the UK from 1 January 2021 will need to demonstrate their right to be in the UK and the entitlements they have. All applicants will receive written confirmation of their immigration status. EU citizens will additionally be provided with secure access to their immigration status information via an online service which they will be able to use to confirm their rights and to access services when necessary, instead of a physical status document." The government appears to have decided that having a system reliant only on digital e-visas is not a good move — perhaps they read Jonathan’s piece. It is also likely that they’re keen to avoid another scenario where there are lots of people lawfully in the UK who cannot prove their status. >>> EU citizens can avoid biometric enrolment Initially most EU citizens won’t need to attend a Visa Application Centre to provide their biometrics. Instead, they’ll be able to just provide a facial image. Self-enrolment of biometrics is stated to be part of a longer term plan. >>> Working in the UK Employers will still need a sponsor licence if they want to recruit EU and non-EU citizens under most of the work routes. Some applicants will of course qualify under the non-sponsored routes in their own right. Checks will be made to ensure that sponsors are genuine and solvent (the latter is new). Sponsors will need to show that roles are credible and meet salary and skills requirements (where applicable). Key personnel responsible for maintaining the sponsor’s status will undergo criminality and “other security checks”. The sponsor licences for workers will be renamed “Skilled Worker licence” and “Intra-Company Transfer licence”. >>> Skilled Worker route The skilled worker routes is pretty much as per the initial design: -no caps -no Resident Labour Market Test -a system of points including “tradeable” points (I’m going to need some time alone with my note pad to figure this bit out — and then we’ll do a detailed briefing) -lower skill threshold (RQF3 instead of RQF6 at the moment) -minimum salary requirement (“PAYE records for all skilled workers will be regularly checked to confirm they are being paid the correct salary”) -English language requirement — a lot of new and welcome ways to meet this are being introduced -ability to bring qualifying dependants The switching rules will be relaxed to enable most migrants to apply to switch from one immigration route to another without having to leave the UK. Applicants seeking points under the easier PhD skilled worker route will only be able to score points if the PhD — which must be an “academic PhD” — is relevant to the job. Onerously, the document says: “We will withhold points if the sponsor’s explanation is clearly not credible”. >>> Health and Care Visa The new Health and Care Visa will be a “fast-track entry, with reduced application fees and dedicated support”. There will be many who do benefit, but the final detail confirms that the UK key workers who work in care homes and provide home care aren’t included... >>> Intra-Company Transfers (ICT) and ICT Graduates The ICT routes are to remain broadly as they currently are. The Tier 2(ICT) “cooling off” period is going to be removed in relation to ICT sponsored workers. Unfortunately, the removal of it is only referred to in the ICT section at this stage (excludes Tier 2(General) migrants). >>> Highly skilled workers (remember HSMP / Tier 1(General) ? "Beyond January 2021 and in line with the recommendations from the MAC, we will create a broader unsponsored route within the Points-Based System to run alongside the employer-led system. This will allow a smaller number of the most highly skilled workers to come to the UK without a job offer. This route will not open on 1 January 2021 and we are exploring proposals for this additional route with stakeholders over the coming year. Our starting point is that this route would be capped and would be carefully monitored during the implementation phase. Further details will be shared in due course." >>> Other work related routes There is little further detail of note in relation to most of the other work related routes so we can expect them to largely operate as now, although with the inclusion of EU citizens. Such routes include Ancestry, Minister of Religion, Government Authorised Exchange, Youth Mobility, Charity, Sporting and Creative. >>> Students Not independent schools can’t be sponsors. Students will be able to come to the UK six months before their course starts, instead of three as of now and there will be more flexibility for in-country switching. Time-limits on study will be removed for those studying at postgraduate level (as long as the student is progressing academically). >>> The Graduate route Undergraduate and master’s degree students can apply for a two year Graduate Visa. PhD students can apply for three years. They won’t need to be sponsored and will be able to switch into work routes. To benefit from the route, they must have successfully completed a degree at a UK HEP with a track record of compliance. They must have “undertaken all study in the UK (those who completed part of their course overseas as part of a study abroad programme, or have studies part of the course outside…. as a result of… Covid-19 will also be permitted to apply)”.
  6. Внимание ! Новая кнопка Submit в профилях Sopra Steria Кто недавно подавал заявления и еще не сдал биометрику и загрузил документы на сайт Sopra Steria - обратите внимание ! Home Office тихо ввел дополнительную кнопку Submit. То есть то, что была сделано раньше - загрузка документов - уже недостаточно. Рекомендую зайти в свой профиль на Sopra Steria и проверить ! Вот как выглядит эта кнопка Submit:
  7. Приветствую, Очень хорошо. Надеюсь, положительное решение придет быстро - не забудьте поделиться хорошей новостью.
  8. У одной клиентки было 5 гражданств. У моей старшей дочери "целых 3: EST-UA-GBR".
  9. Приветствую. Итак: 1. Актуально/нужно. 2. Да. Да (скана достаточно). Нет. 3. 28 дней на день подачи заявления. 4. Если работодатель не может указать те отсутствия, он может написать что не контролирует поездки по выходным. NB: У Вас очень детальные вопросы по ряду серьезных пунктов по Вашему заявлению. Будьте внимательны !
  10. А вот как сейчас выглядит уведомление из Home Office по SMS о том, что клиент сегодня получит новую BRP карточку (Легализация; BRP выдали сразу на 5 лет): Ну и комментарии клиента. Это был долгий путь для этого человека. Еще один человек получил иммиграционный статус в Великобритании и обрел семейное спокойствие.
  11. А вот как выглядит Email, сообщающий клиенту Legal Centre о том, что ему не нужно будет сдавать биометрику т.к. Home Office будет использовать биометрические данные клиента из его предыдущего заявления:
  12. Upcoming changes in the UK immigration law: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-fires-up-rd-across-the-country-to-cement-the-uk-as-science-superpower - The new information on the graduate route due to start up in the summer of 2021: while international students who complete a UK undergraduate or master’s degree with be able to stay on for two years afterwards, PhD graduates are to get three years. - Tier 4 will be relaunched as a “student route” in autumn 2020 with “a number of improvements”. These include: "extending the window in which prospective students can make visa applications, removing study time limits at postgraduate level and allowing all students to switch to another type of visa from within the UK. Existing students and those who start their course this autumn will benefit from these changes, once they have been introduced." - Meanwhile, the Immigration Bill to switch off free movement for EU citizens passed its remaining stages in the House of Commons last night. The plan is for new arrivals from EU countries, bar Ireland, to come under the adjusted Points Based System for non-EU migrants from the beginning of 2021.
  13. P.S. Yana, я сейчас на конференции с Home Office. У Вас срочный вопрос, как я понимаю. Я буду на связи сегодня с 11.00 по UK. Мой прямой номер +447791145923 (WhatsApp/Viber).
  14. Я имел в виду, что при работе с документами клиента я, например, проверяю содержание и анкеты, и документов. Оригиналы не подаются уже пара лет минимум как :-) Все делается online. Дайте знать, когда получите решение, по возможности. Yana, Свяжитесь с человеку напрямую и уточните вопрос. Это же просто сделать :-) Мне, например, в день приходит до 20 сообщений на Skype, FM, Viber, WhatsApp. Есть вероятность, что я не увижу какое-то сообщение. А вот звонок я точно увижу, отвечу и перезвоню, если не смогу ответить. Для сравнения, у нас (Legal Centre) консультации одноразовые, но дополнительные вопросы можно задать в рамках той же консультации в течение 14 дней. У нас есть услуга сопровождения, и там фактически безлимитные консультации, проверки документов, звонки и и.п. Мне лично хотелось бы один раз заплатить в Tesco (супермаркет в UK) и потом приходить туда еще и еще раз и не платить, т.е. "продолжать диалог" как написали Вы выше. Увы. Приходится платить каждый раз когда езжу за покупками :-)
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